Adult 5k Race (Chip Timed)
Ages 13+

Entry Fee:
$65 Until 11:59pm
June 10th

Day of event registration $70 (No T-Shirt, No Meal, No Chip Time, No Bib)

Parking Fees:
$10 Parking fee on event day. This is per car, so
carpool and save. (Cash Only)

Kids 1 Mile (Chip Timed)
Ages 7-13

Entry Fee:
$30 Until 11:59pm
June 10th

Day of event registration $35 (No T-Shirt, No Meal, No Chip Time, No Bib)

shapeimage_39 Parking Fees:
$10 Parking fee on event day. This is per car, so carpool and save. (Cash Only)

*Kids 1/4 Mile Ages 4 to 6
(Not Chip Timed)

Entry Fee:
$20 Until 11:55pm
June 10th

Day of event registration
$25 (No T-Shirt, No Meal, No Bib)

* An adult must race with
each child in this event.

Parking Fees:
$10 Parking fee on event day.
This is per car, so carpool
and save. (Cash Only)

Important News!

- A meal with a drink is included with every registration.
- You will NOT be charged an additional fee when you register online.
- We will NOT offer a Groupon or any 3rd party coupons this year. We want to make sure that our early registrants get the lowest registration price.


No changes are allowed to any participant information after 3pm on May 24th.

Event Opens

Event gates will open at 6:30am on the day of the event. We recommend you arrive early. Allow yourself at least 1 hour before your wave’s starting time to pick up your packet, attach your chip and bib number, and get to the start line.

What do I get for my money?

• **NEW THIS YEAR! Every participant's registration includes a meal! • Entry to an outstanding Obstacle Course
• Your very own Caveman Participant T-Shirt
• A Finisher Medal
• Chip Timing
• Caveman Souvenir race bib
• A chance to win one of our prizes given for each age division
• Bragging rights!

Chip Timing

Caveman Crawl is chip timed! By timing this event, you will receive your completion time and also award prizes to each of our race divisions.
If participants feel that an obstacle is too challenging, an alternate route “Walk of shame” is available. Choosing the alternate route will disqualify the participant from winning a prize.

Caveman Prizes

Finisher Medals will be awarded to every participant!

Best overall time for males and females in the adult 5K will win a prize.

Top Times for males and females in each age division will receive a Prize. Here are the age divisions:


*Ages are determined by age on race day. Chip timing will be used to determine winners
in each division. Winners must be present to win, no prizes will me mailed.

What do I need at the race?

* Appropriate footwear is highly recommended.

* Remember that you will be getting dirty so a change of clothes and a garbage bag for your dirty clothes would be a great idea.

* Spending money for food, entertainment, and caveman gear.

Gear Check:

Gear check will be available at no charge. Feel free to check in your keys, hats, bags or just anything that you don't want to run with. One bag per runner, please.

Bibs and Chips:

Your bib is your unique identification number for staff and photographers. Please attach it to the front of your shirt with the provided safety pins.

Your Chip carries all of the info needed to record your race time. Your chip will attach to your ankle. Do not lose this chip, there are no replacements.


Caveman Rules:

Participants must be 13 years of age or older on race day to race in the adult 5k. Kids ages are listed on the registration page. Anyone under the age of 18 on race day must have a parent or guardian sign a liability form.

Participants must follow all instructions given from all staff including race director, race staff, volunteers, and medical personnel. If instructions are not followed, you will be removed from the event.

Participants understand and acknowledge Caveman is a challenging event and accept all risk associated with the event.

Registration will be closed when cap is reached.

Urinating or defecating anywhere but in provided facilities is strictly prohibited.

Several videographers and photographers will be stationed along the course. Participants agree to allow the event producer (Edge Crew Racing) to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.

Bibs must be visible at all times on the front of each participant. Anyone without a bib number will be asked to leave the course.

This course is physically demanding. All participants must be able to complete the course and obstacles.

Participants are expected to behave with sportsmanlike behavior. Offensive language and nudity are prohibited.

No pets are allowed at this event.

All wheeled devices are prohibited on the course- this includes ATVs, skateboards, bicycles, in-line skates, baby strollers, and baby joggers.

Once you leave the course, you may not return to the course.

Any participant who has not successfully completed all obstacles will be disqualified from all prizes.

Your family, friends, and guests are welcome to attend and cheer you on during the event. However, they will not be permitted on the course while racers are present.


Caveman Course Safety Guidelines:

Medical staff will be on site. They may examine any participant who appears to be in medical need. They reserve the right to remove any participant from the course at their own discretion.

Participants are responsible for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for or participating in Caveman Crawl, including but not limited to, hospitalization, ambulance transportation or physician services.

The event hosts (Edge Crew Racing) reserve the right to cancel or delay the race due to severe weather or in the event of a disaster, with out issuing refunds.

Dress appropriately. Running shoes are required.

Caveman Obstacle Course Guidelines:

Completing the obstacles may be hazardous. Each participant is responsible for deciding if an obstacle is too difficult for their own skill level.

Event staff will be positioned around the course to ensure safety. It is your responsibility to notify the staff if you feel you need medical attention.

Each obstacle must be completed on your own to qualify for prizes.

Participants will be released in waves of 400 starting every 30 minutes.

Caveman Extras:

Event officials reserve the right to modify any event rules, at any time, for any reason.

Participants are responsible for knowing any modifications to the Caveman Crawl rules published prior to the event. Please check back at the website as the event date nears.

Most of all, be safe, have fun and give it your all!